Red Cross 2016 Mega Blitz and the Tri-State SFPE

Aaron A. Bley,  Corporate & Foundation Relationship Officer from the American Red Cross Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region attended the September, 2016 meeting to thank Tri-State SFPE  for their donation to the Red Cross 2016 Mega Blitz…A Cause for Alarms! special event, especially as the American Red Cross gears up for a bigger and more aggressive event next year for 2017.

American Red Cross had a goal for 2016 to install/repair 1000 smoke alarms and educate families on home fire safety in high risk neighborhoods.  The Red Cross focused on communities in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  The goal was met with the help of all the community partners/sponsors and over 450 dedicated volunteers that came out for the day!

For 2017, the Red Cross has raised the bar even higher! The goal for the next one day event is going to be to install/repair 1,500 smoke alarms, while providing home fire safety education along the way.   All the details are being worked on now.

The Tri-State SFPE is looking for a volunteer coordinator from our group to help on the coordination of Tri-State SFPE volunteers for installation of the smoke detectors in spring 2017.  Let any board member know if you are willing to head up our group effort with American Red Cross. 

Tri-State SFPE is proud to partner with the American Red Cross on this local effort!