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Electronic Sprinklers

Electronic Sprinkler Overview

For more than 125 years, fire sprinkler systems have relied on thermal elements of the sprinkler head as the sole activation mechanism for this type of fire protection. Fire sprinklers have advanced in many performance characteristics, including spray pattern, quantity of water discharged, thermal sensitivity, and areas of coverage, yet the activation characteristic remains dependent on thermal heat at the ceiling. Today’s codes, standards, and design requirements have incorporated this performance limitation of current fire sprinklers.

What if a fire sprinkler could think? If the current fire sprinkler was modified to improve performance, how may that improve fire performance? Could modern technology be incorporated into fire sprinklers?

This topic will be presented at our next SFPE meeting, and includes the background to the development of the first UL listed first electronic sprinkler.

Speaker Bio:

Allen Bunner is the Regional Business Development Manager for Johnson Controls Incorporated (JCI), where he provides support to end-users, engineering companies, and local approval agencies. Allen’s extensive contracting experience includes water, chemical, and special hazard fire protection projects in more than 35 countries, and is currently involved with JCI’s R&D focus toward new fire protection technologies. Allen is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.